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We don't expect you to be paying a fortune for us having the privilege of working with you. We WILL NOT charge you by the minute for everything we do and we will provide you with a fixed price for our services if you wish this option.

Our Accounting Services

We pride ourselves in offering services tailored to suit and meet the needs of our customers. We understand that very few businesses ever achieve their full potential, and there are only a few percentage points that separate great success from mediocity!

Liquidation Services

The key to avoiding company or personal insolvency is to seek professional help as soon as the first signs of difficulty appear. Unmanageable debt is the most common reason, but not the only reasonwhy companies end up in liquidation.  

Business Services

Norrie & Daughters can reduce your time and costs by maintaining company records that are required to be maintained under the Companies Act 1993 and providing registered office and other addresses required to be kept. We also offer more detailed support services such as debtor and creditor management, contractual matters and payment of your suppliers.


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Hello and welcome to Norrie & Daughters. Thank you for visiting our website. Norrie & Daughters stands for Quality and Service in everything that we do.

We specialise in providing a 1 stop shop for individuals, and SME's. We provide more than traditional accounting and tax services. We thrive on solving problems, reducing tax liabilities, managing your tax affairs with Inland Revenue, protecting assets and managing and planning for growth, and preparing for the future. We also run a leading Restructuring and Insolvency Division (Corporate and personal) and provide litigation management in the areas of insolvency and Company affairs. 

Our clients come from all walks of life - from individuals too small to medium businesses.  Their experience is always the same.  As a result, we have been able to build up long term relationships with most of them and have become a fast growing firm. Our team believes that honesty, hard work and determination hold the keys to success and follow these principles when helping clients. We are not your typical accounting firm. Our team uses its collective abilities to ease clients’ concerns and headaches and we proactively engage with our clients to ensure success. 

Our professionals take pride in working with our clients and we strive daily to exceed expectations. Our client-centered approach is instilled in every aspect of our corporate culture at every level, from Managing Director to the administrative support staff.



Our Services


Our team of accounting professionals at Norrie & Daughters know that top-quality accounting services require more than just reports, it requires a relationship. We take pride in providing constructive and beneficial insight to our clientele and we work diligently to ensure that they are on the path to growth, longevity and success. Hard work, honesty, and determination form the cornerstone of our impeccable reputation.

Tax & IRD

Norrie & Daughters provide a complete service of assistance and advice and action in all areas related to tax and Inland Revenue. In addition to managing our clients regulatory obligations in respect to tax we have successfully concluded work in the following tax areas:

  • Tax debt writeoffs and/or remission of penalties and interest;
  • Tax debt repayment arrangements;
  • Tax planning and mitigation ensuring our clients do not pay more tax than they are legally required to do;
  • Litigious tax matters ,and debt arrangements in addition. 

Restructuring & Insolvency

Norrie & Daughters specialises in Restructuring and Insolvency whether it be corporate or personal insolvency matters. Our staff include Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand accredited insolvency practititioners.  

Resolving personal or company insolvency matters are best addressed as soon as a potential problem is identified. Norrie & Daughters has successfully concluded satisfactory outcomes for individuals faced with bankruptcy, investors in companies that have found out their investment is not what they believed it was, companies owed or owing debt and creditor compromises.  

We have also acted as liquidators in both solvent and insolvent liquidations of companies  including companies operating in multiple jurisdictions. Our work has covered liquidations and document/asset recovery from many countries including;

New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Lithuania, Panama, Russia, various South Pacific Islands, and Vanuatu, Ukraine,      


The use of Trusts in New Zealand is a popular method for the protection of personal assets however contrary to much advertising a Trust is not suitable or practical for everyone. Similarly the law change allowing unlimited gifting does not necessarily mean that giving unlimited assets into a trust is in your best interests.

When you give your assets into a Trust then those assets are no longer yours. You need good independent advice on gifting, what type of trust might suit you, what are negatives and positives of trusts before you dive into a trust. Consult Norrie & Daughters for some independent advice.

Norrie & Daughters also has experience in foreign trusts and tax matters related to these types of trusts and supporting foreign trusts operating out of New Zealand.

Business Consulting

Norrie & Daughters provides registered office services, company incorporation, record retention and  can reduce your time and costs by maintaining company records that are required to be maintained under the Companies Act 1993.

Norrie & Daughters also consults in company issues such as employment matters, shareholder disputes and has succesfully acted for parties in resolving shareholder and other disputes that would otherwise have led to possible liquidation of good companies. 

We also provide asset management services generally to foreign owners of New Zealand investments.  


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