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What are you looking for when you need help from your accountant?

A full range of services, integrity, competency, efficiency? Most accountants fill this brief, more or less. So what do we do differently?

At Norrie and Daughters, we are flexible. We are more than happy to take responsibility for all your accounting and tax requirements, but we are equally happy to provide advice and help you, on an as-needed basis. Whatever works for you and your budget. You decide how much you spend. We also give you the option of a monthly payment programme if this suits you better.

Our services include business support services such as bookkeeping, company administration, tax returns, managing and advising on difficult IRD situations, liquidation and insolvency work plus all the normal accounting processes that you would expect from an accountant.

We will match your requirements to our staff and charge rates so that you are not paying more than you should and we will give you either a fixed price for work if you require this or alternatively an estimated price. We do not charge you by the minute. We believe in a charge that reflects the agreed price or proper value for the service we have provided. We do not charge by the minute because we would incentivised to be unproductive and slow and that would not be fair – Would it.

We have a rapidly growing and satisfied customer base who have chosen and stayed with Norrie & Daughters because of the value and quality of the information we provide that is delivered in a friendly and professionally relaxed manner. Be a convert and come and try us for a better and more effective relationship with your accounting professional.

Norrie and Daughters are a Xero partner, and using this programme allows you to see precisely where your business is, any time. We work with other software solutions as well because we like to fit in with our customers – not the other way round.



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