Forensic Accounting

Things do not add up, sales are up, costs look normal, everything seems about right but something tells you that something financially is wrong, there is not the money in the bank that you sense should be there, the profits are okay but a persistent thought tells you that the profit should have been higher. No one knows your business like you but even you cannot fathom out why you have this suspicion. You might suspect some employee theft or fraud but you know that if you take action and you are wrong then you will probably have a serious employment issue on your hands and/or yours and your business reputation at stake.

Fraud and theft comes in many forms:

  • Employee theft
  • Supplier fraud
  • Over claimed expenses
  • Employee with only a name – does not exist in the real world

What do you do!

Call Norrie & Daughters. We have the staff who can help you. Our staff have worked inside corporate NZ for a wide range of companies, carried out forensic accounting tasks and maintain professional training in this area of accounting. That in depth knowledge combined with professional accounting experience allows us to complete an in-depth investigation into your company to detect fraud and assist you in dealing with the issues up to and including giving evidence in court. Forensic accounting deals with sensitive matters which might involve simple or complex fraud, theft, deception and incomplete records. We will also assist you with identifying future fraud risk areas and putting in place policies and procedures to minimise the risk.



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Forensic Accounting

  • Employee theft
  • Supplier fraud
  • Buying a business
  • Overclaimed expenses


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