Debt Management Recovery

Financial stress can be bought upon your company through events that have occurred to your company or a valuable customer or through dishonesty. As a result you may be experiencing some of the following signs of financial crises:

  • Debtor payment times are stretching out.
  • Creditor arrears are growing in number and amounts owed.
  • No arrangements in place with your bank, creditors and debtors.
  • Your management team are ‘fire fighting’ issues not running the business.
  • Your business plan is in shreds as struggle to cope with debt burden/cashflow issues
  • You are close to your banking limits or covenants.
  • Considering or making asset sales to reduce debt
  • Receiving legal letters demanding payment.

The time to act is NOW. Norrie & Daughters can help you. A number of solutions are available that we can assess, work with you and agree on the best way forward. We will then implement that solution to get the right result first time.

Your solution might be It might be as simple as getting your debtors to pay, reviewing your Terms of Trade, proper credit checking of your customers. Norrie & Daughters can help you but if you need more help than that then other possible solutions include:

  • Work Outs – Non Statutory
  • Creditor Compromise
  • Voluntary Administration
  • Receivership
  • Liquidation