Immediately upon being declared bankrupt it is an offence under sections 149 and 436 of the Insolvency Act 2006 to be self-employed or to work for a relative without having first obtained the consent of the Official Assignee. 

Norrie & Daughters can assist you in obtaining the consent to be self-employed and agree to provide the required tax agency and financial supervisor in order for your application for consent to be self-employed to be considered by the Official Assignee. Once consent has been obtained we act as the financial supervisor which generally includes receiving your self-employed income into our trust account then paying any employees and suppliers, ensuring that your taxes are correctly calculated and paid on time and paying you. Payments to employees are made in accordance with their employment agreements and to yourself normally on the same day that received funds are cleared by the banks. Additionally the required reporting to the Official Assignee is carried out as required. We charge a minimum monthly fee for these services which we will discuss with you. 

For those who are self-employed in any way whatsoever it very important that the consent to self-employed is obtained as quickly as possible after becomming declared bankrupt so as to cause as little disruption as possible to your self and family and those who you contract to.

Norrie & Daughters has excellent track record in providing services to people who have been bankrupted. We have provided a range of services from basic financial supervisor services to more complex solutions designed to meet the Official Assignee's criteria and/or the law.

Norrie & Daughters can provide the solutions you need. Call us on 09 551 3631 or email admin@norrie.co.nz for further information.