Tax Arrears

At Norrie & Daughters we have a successful focus on assisting new clients with tax arrears.

Tax arrears include the failure to file any necessary tax returns and associated unpaid taxes.

If you have overdue tax filing obligations then it is best that you file these overdue returns before IRD catch up with you. If IRD do catch up with you before you have made an attempt to file those overdue returns then it is likely that the IRD will require you to file those returns within a very small time frame or face prosecution. Often records are missing or lost, the events occured a while ago and the mind is not focused on business matters that occurred some time ago and the motivation becomes to file anything to avoid prosecution. Often this leads to inaccurate tax returns and the overpaying or worse the underpaying of tax. Underpaid tax caused by incorrect tax returns that are not supported by the necessary documentation can put a taxpayer in more seroius trouble with IRD and the law.

That is where Norrie & Daughters can help you and remove some of that stress. We will:

Give you a free 1 hour consultation where you can discuss your situation with our staff in full confidence; and

We can negotiate on your behalf with IRD for more time to file. (Often the IRD are comforted knowing that you are dealing with professionals); and

We can ensure that your tax returns comply with the various tax laws before we file those returns on your behalf; and

If required. we can advise you and put forward a settlement payment plan to IRD including mitigations in respect to penalties that IRD will apply.

If you have overdue tax filing obligations and/or unpaid taxes then contact us on (09) 551 3631 or email for a free no obligation meeting.