Tax Disputes

The best strategy is to not get into a tax dispute however for many reasons this goal is not always achievable.

The dispute procedure is set out in legislation and designed to settle arguments over the correctness of an assessment or amended assessment before it is issued. Recent changes made to the dispute resolution were made with the intention to reduce potential litigation, remove unnecessary compliance costs and secure prompt and equitable resolution of disputes.

From a practical perspective tax matters in dispute should if the taxpayer is on solid ground that can be backed up supporting documentation and records be pursued and the following considerations should also be taken into account before and during the dispute procedure:

  • The amount of your time involved, if you have most of your time committed to your business then expect to work extra-long hours or relinquish the time devoted to your business.
  • The resultant effect on your business through your time commitments to the dispute.
  • The costs of accountants, your time and your staff time, lawyers and other consultants that may be required.
  • An analysis of the benefits, risks and cost of continuing the dispute or settling.
  • If you are subject to a Notice of Proposed Adjustment (NOPA) then strict timelines apply Contact Norrie & Daughters for help.